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April 24 - 30
11:00 - 20:00
research career
20 > 14 years
(CV + branding + marketing) tools

In any field nowadays, Career no longer means only: diplomas, CV, Certifications, Career Plan and experience.

Today’s Career means: vision, thinking based on concrete results, superior cognitive skills (logical-rational thinking, information processing, imagination, insight, repeated and fast perception of zoomIn/zoomOut) + (tech&management&marketing) skills.

These two approaches (old + new) meet in a point that represents Personal Branding.

That’s why we offer personalized coaching in research – science – technology career, for 20 people who participate in our Clubhouse Talk, set between 24 – 30 April 2021.

We await your registration for career coaching sessions here.


How It Works

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Career Tools

you are and can have more than a CV and diplomas.

Enrich your online / offline image collection.

Branding Tools

personal branding is not about the name/picture/image you associate with yourself. (vanity&persuasion)

It's about the name, the images and the values ​that you are associated with by other people (style&expression)

Marketing tools

many people with values, skills or succes don't want their image to be presented using selling tools for products or services.

We make marketing a communication and education tool.

Results Summary

What will you have at the end of your career coaching?

  1. All career tools compatible with the R&D market
  2. Consistency between all personal branding tools
  3. Consistency of content and brand image
  4. 1 list of your Research skills and their degree of compatibility with R&D XXI
  5. Clear goals in an R&D career and suggestions for achievement (short/ medium/ long term)