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re_Search business

April 17
11,00 (a.m)
TOP Minds
ClubHouse Instagram, Zoom
start-up, spin-off, deep tech
> 14 years
  1. Who is the entrepreneur, physicist and richest man in the world? – Elon Musk.
  2. How does the world work and how does he understand it? – Come with us on April 17!
  3. Are you looking for business? – Think about coming to Research!
  4. How do you make money in a research career? – Come with us on April 17!

We will discuss not only about Elon Musk, but rather about an innovating mentality needed in any field, job and business.

We are going to talk to people in the business ecosystem, who will tell you how you can make money in research, science and more.

Sign up for re_Search business and look for solutions together on April 17 at 11.00 on ClubHouse (TOP Minds)

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How It Works

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What do you produce?

New information: databases, formulas, theories, constants, theorems, proofs etc.

Products: new materials, devices, technologies, equipment, machines, tests etc.

Who needs it?

Today, due to the high costs and risks of research processes, the products of a research must ALWAYS be of use to someone: society, government, industry X, company Y etc.

Who invests in your skills&idea?

Governments, Universities, sponsors, investors buy the skills of the one who can solve a need. Or they buy ideas which save resources / generate new resources.

Results Summary

At the end of this discussion, we expect you to:

  1. know how people who invest in research think (governments, Universities, companies, sponsors, investors)
  2. receive a short tool to validate your idea in relation to the market
  3. know where to look for investors and speak their language
  4. !!! the first 20 entrants, who participate in both online sessions (April 10, 17), will benefit from individual career coaching. More information here.