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The OCTOGON Project and the associated website are the exclusive property of TOP Minds, an association intended for high-performance young people in science, research, technology, economy, health and business, and to the global relationships among these people.

By using this website, you accept the following conditions.

The website uses a gender-neutral terminology: nouns such as “researcher” or “partner” do not refer to a particular gender.


Property rights

Excepting the indicated cases, the copyright over the pages, over the published content on website and over the materials used for this purpose are the exclusive property of TOP Minds.

No licenses or other rights will be granted to third parties (e.g. Property Rights, Industrial Property Rights or Copyrights). The use of the concept, pages or content of this website is permitted only for personal and informational purposes.

Any other reproduction or use is strictly prohibited, especially that of taking over the concept, the information and carrying out economic activities similar to TOP Minds services.

Subsequent use of the distinctive graphics of TOP Minds or of the Octogon Project (brands or symbols) is strictly prohibited, no matter if they are accompanied by ® or ™.

The above provisions apply to direct or indirect downloads or uses of sources and software through the website.

Where external hyperlinks provide access to licensed third-party sources and software, the terms and conditions of the holders of those products prevail and their rights shall be respected.


TOP Minds takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate and complete at the time of publication. However, unintentional or accidental errors, that we regret, may occur.

Any possible error belongs exclusively to TOP Minds and does not involve any other partners or sponsors.

TOP Minds does not provide guarantees for the published information on this website, including external (hyper)links or other content that may be used directly or indirectly through the website.

TOP Minds also has the right to make changes to this website without prior notice.

TOP Minds assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions on the website.

All decisions taken based on the information published on the website are the exclusive responsibility of the user.

TOP Minds assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect damages or prejudices arising, for any reason, from the direct or indirect use of the information published on the website.

TOP Minds does not declare or warrant that the functions or services presented on the website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that the malfunctions will be corrected or that the website itself or the server that hosts it are free of viruses or other harmful programs.

To the extent the law permits it, TOP Minds is not responsible for any page arising from the functioning or non-functioning of the website or the connected technical services and devices.

None of the information published on the website constitutes or can be considered an invitation or an incentive to purchase or use the presented partnerships, materials and tools.

Any material or information from the Project / website can be distributed through online/offline communications only by quoting the source as follows:

Octogon by TOP Minds

or by tagging the official social media pages:



ClubHouse: TOP Minds

Data Protection

TOP Minds complies with all provisions in force regarding the GDPR policy.


Accepted Behavior

Participation in our projects and activity will be done only by addressing a decent and educated behavior both in language and in attitude towards other participants, guests, organizers and their values.

TOP Minds, and implicitly Octogon, are open to any performant young person regardless of gender, race, social origin, country or level of physical health.

Our activities will be organized according to specific criteria, that will be specified for each separate activity.

Participation in our activities and projects implies from the participant: self-informing, knowing, understanding, complying and agreeing to all criteria and conditions announced on the website, social media, internal communication, individual communication, possible agreements etc.

TOP Minds cannot be held responsible for any failure in using the information, software, partnerships or contacts obtained through the Octogon project network.

The responsibility is exclusive to each individual and it is up to its own ability to use the material or network resources, respectively.

TOP Minds cannot be called to court for any situation that may be related to alleged facts connected to the content or activity carried out through the Octogon project through this website.